Best External Hard Drive for Mac

Top Best External Hard Drive for Mac

Why You Should Buy An External Hard Drive for Mac?

As a Mac user, having a reliable internal hard drive is a must. However, its storage capacity may not always be sufficient especially if you need to store tons of files. Besides, you should always have a backup in case anything bad happens. In fact, it is much better if you have multiple backups.

To be able to find the best external hard drive for Mac, you should first know your requirements.

However, some people might tell you that online backup is better than buying an external hard drive. But online security has been a great concern and you have to pay a monthly fee.

 Top 3 Best External Hard Drive for Mac Comparison.


  Iomega Mac Companion Iomega eGoMy Book for Mac
PriceClick Image to checkClick Image to checkClick Image to check
Storage Capacity2 TB2 TB2 TB
Average Minimum Transfer Speed480 Mbit/sec480 Mbit/sec480 Mbit/sec
Average Maximum Transfer Speed800 Mbit/sec800 Mbit/sec480 Mbit/sec
Colorsilver and blacksilverblack
Weight (pounds)4.542.212.6
Width (inches)5.8251.9
Length (inches)7.777.35.3
Height (inches)1.751.556.5
Casing Materialaluminum and plasticaluminumplastic
Ease of UseyesyesYes
Preloaded SoftwareyesYesNo
Warranty3 year3 year2 year

Top 3 Best External Hard Drive for Mac Reviews (2T):

1.    Best Mac’s External Hard Drive #: Iomega Mac Companion

Best External Hard Drive for Mac Reviews omega Mac Companion

The Iomega Mac Companion is so far one of the most favored hard drives by Mac users, which is not surprising because of its excellent features. Now available at 2TB or 3TB versions, this external drive comes with a sleek trapezoidal design. It comes in black glossy aluminum housing with rounded corners, while the company logo is proudly featured in the middle.

The light/capacity gauge can easily be seen in front of the device, which you can use to monitor the used storage space. To enable this feature, all you need to do is to download the application from the official website of Iomega. A Kensington security slot and a single 2.1 amp are on the right side, along with a USB 2.0 port that you can use for connecting and charging your Apple devices. Meanwhile, two FireWire 800 ports are located at the back. They are accompanied by power input and three USB 2.0 ports – one for Mac connection, and other two for other devices.

This impressive hard drive sports a 7200RPM modem with 8MB of cache, and has an extra USB hub on its side for the charging of your iPhone or iPod touch. While you can also sync your iOS device, this charging port delivers 500mA of power, where your iPad will take only around 13 hours to be fully charged.

You can also charge an iPad via USB connection, but the device should be in its sleep mode. If you want to use your iPad while it is being charged, then you will need the FireWire connection. This is not really a big issue, though. The second FireWire 800 port is for transferring data from one Mac computer to another. During this daisy chain process, or passthrough, however, you are not allowed to sync. Nonetheless, charging using FireWire will only take around seven and a half hours, or even below, as it delivers 1000mA of power.

All in all, this multi-purpose device is a very strong storage companion. Iomega Mac Companion might be pricey at the first glance, but is worth buying if you will frequently use all its features.

 2. Best Mac’s External Hard Drive ##: My Book for Mac 2TB

Best External Hard Drive for Mac Reviews. top mac's External Hard Drives


The My Book for Mac 2TB is one of those rare external hard drives that provide extreme protection to your data. Being a proud product of Western Digital, this Mac drive features a 256-bit hardware encryption that automatically encodes and protects your data from unauthorized access or theft. Being 100% compatible with your Mac devices, it is also compatible with Apple’s Time Machine software.

One of its amazing features is its visual control center where you can easily view your data via a single screen. This WD SmartWare software not only ensures that your data is secure, but also automatically make a backup every time you add or change a file. You can also set a schedule for your automatic backup. In addition, your lost data can still be retrieved effortless and according to category, such as photos and videos.

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Despite having a single-port USB 2.0 only and therefore not capable of daisy chaining multiple devices, its WD GreenPower Technology helps you save money due to its sleep mode feature. This power-saving feature allows you to reduce power consumption of around 30 percent. As an added protection, there is a security slot that you can lock every time you will leave it on your desk.

Another great feature of this Mac external hard drive is its LED indicators, which tell you the remaining storage capacity. Another light is also available which tells you that its password protection is either locked or unlocked. This unit is supported by a 2-year limited warranty, and comes with the package are Quick Install Guide, USB cable, and AC adapter.

This My Book drive is designed to be used vertically, and has four rubber feet on the bottom to make sure that it will not slip. To compensate with the slow USB-only feature and without FireWire connection, you can still increase the speed of the transfer rate because of the external power supply if you are using a Mac Pro or an iMac. Plus of course, the price is very reasonable.


 3.    Best Mac’s External Hard Drive ###: Iomega eGo 2TB review

Best External Hard Drive for Mac Reviews omega ego 2tb

Iomega eGo is one of the most reliable Mac external drives ever made available in the market. Its metal and plastic silver-grey enclosure compliments your Mac computer. This portable Mac drive measures 7.3 by 5 by 1.5 inches and lightweight at 2.1 lbs. A stand is included, allowing you to place the drive in either flat on your table or standing on one edge to increase your working space. An Iomega Protection Suite for Mac is also available via download.

This Iomega eGo external drive has a 2TB storage capacity, and comes with 2 usual connections: FireWire 800 and USB 2.0. You can use the two FireWire ports to daisy chain (or interconnection) of 2 Macs or other devices, if you need to share files and fast data transfer. Besides the reader-friendly manual and power adapter to save battery life of your laptop, this flexible drive also comes with a connector so that you can still use it with an older Mac version that has a FireWire 400 port.

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Compatible with Time Machine that has backup software, Iomega eGo 2TB sports a 7200RPM drive speed. You also have the option to download the backup-assistant software, if you want to. An Iomega Protection Suite for Mac is also available via download, along with three applications: QuikProtect, Trend Micro, and MozyHome Online Backup Service. The latter allows you to upload up to 2GB of files to an online server, which you can access anytime and anywhere that has Internet connection.

The power button, which is small enough for average-sized users, can found at the back of the device. After pressing it, simply look at the LED indicator so you’ll know that your drive is already running. Although it does not support hardware-based data encryption and password protection, you can sure of high security level. But on top of it, the price is very affordable.

 Benefits of Buying an External Hard Drive for Mac

If you decide to buy external hard drive for Mac, depending on yourself in terms of security will be your biggest concern. You should also protect it from being stolen, fire, and other causes of losing your data. But other than these two, there are a lot of benefits of buying an external hard drive. Here are some of them.

Helps you save money – Most external hard drives are very cheap and obviously, you only have to buy once, so it’s a one-time cost only. In addition, there are no maintenance costs and regular fees. In short, it will help you save money.

You have full control – Unlike online backups, you have full control of your external hard drives. You can keep it anywhere you want, anyway you want to. They are your personal property, so you also decide how you want to protect it.

Extremely portable – New versions of hard drives are small and lightweight, making them very handy. Just like USB, you can bring them wherever you go and still feel the same convenience when you are at home.

Better performance – You can improve the speed of your Mac if you use an external drive as your main drive. If you have tons of large files on your computer that you rarely use, you can store them on your new hard drive. This way, you will increase your disk space your computer will run faster

 Best Mac External Hard Drives Buying Guide

If you are a Mac user, you would prefer buying an external hard drive instead of storing you files online. Besides the fact that you can save money because you don’t need to pay monthly fees, you also have full control over your files, especially when it comes to security. However, deciding the best external hard drive for Mac devices can be tricky. They come in different kinds, sizes, storage capacity, and speed.

Ideally speaking, there are two types of external hard drives: the 3.5-inch internal hard drive which is usually found in most desktop computers, and the 2.5-inch internal hard drive which is usually being used in laptops. Nonetheless, there are a lot of them to choose from. With the many options available in the market, you should be careful to make the right choice and only choose the Best External Hard Drive for mac that suit your personal needs.

So, if you need to buy one, below is a comprehensive buying guide the Best Mac External Hard Drive.

Kinds of external hard drives

  • External hard drives USB 2.0/3.0

So far, USB is the most popular external drive because of its small size and all computers today have USB port. However, it is also the slowest among them all, making it more applicable in transferring files such as text documents, photos, audio, and videos with small file sizes. Although USB 3.0 is relatively faster than USB 2.0, the latter may be not applicable to older computers.

  • External hard drives FireWire 400/800

FireWire is known to a better external drive for Mac than USB when it comes to speed and performance. Although it is less popular, almost all Mac devices have built-in FireWire support and can boot using this external hard drive. FireWire 800 is notably faster than FireWire 400 being the newer version. Apple is now starting to phase out FireWire in newer versions of Mac Pro, but you can connect it to a Thunderbolt-equipped Mac using an adaptor.

  • External hard drives Thunderbolt

Originally called LightPeak, Thunderbolt is high speed I/O that uses Intel’s technology. Fairly new after Apple introduced its new set of MacBook Pro devices back in early 2011, it is now one of the fastest data ports made available for Mac users. Thunderbolt supports two channels at the speed transfer rate of 10 Gbps rate for each channel.

  • External hard drives eSATA

eSATA ( ExternalSerialAdvancedTechnologyAttachment) is an external drive that provides faster transfer rates (at least 3 times) than USB or FireWire. However, it is more complicated and requires a power connector. With this type of extension, the data between the interface and the computer does not require translation, which enhances its transfer speed. This is therefore an ideal solution if you need to transfer tons of files with large sizes.

 What You Should Know When Buying the Best External Hard Drive for Mac ?

Storage capacity

This should be your first priority because you need to have a backup of all your important files. Ideally, external drives can store up to 6 TB (or 6,144 GB). If you need to store huge sizes of photos and videos, you will surely need a higher storage capacity external drive. But of course, you should expect a higher price for every extra GB that you need. Nonetheless, it is always better to have a lot of storage capacity for future use.


As mentioned earlier, there are different kinds of external hard drives and each of them has their own connectivity feature. It is very important to know if your Mac is compatible to your drive before you buy one. On the other hand, you can also buy a separate adaptor to make your external drive for your device. You can take the latest Mac Pro as an example, which now supports Thunderbolt instead of FireWire.

Transfer speed

Transfer speed, which is usually measured in MBps (megabytes per second), is related to the storage capacity; external drives with higher GB storage are faster than the lower ones. However, it also depends on your interface or how your drive is connected to your computer. Typically, USB 2.0 has a transfer rate of 480mbps, FireWire 800 at 800mnps, and eSATA has a speed of 3,000mbps. The faster the transfer rate it has, the better.

Physical size and durability

Depending on your necessity, you can choose between a stationary or portable external hard drive. If you just need it at home for your extra storage or backup of your old files, you may choose the stationary type. Most of them are bulk and will require you to have an external power source. On the other hand, better choose the portable type if you will always bring it outside your home.

But regardless of your choice, make sure that its housing is made of durable materials such as aluminum.


To make sure that your external hard drive is safe from brute-force attacks, choose the hardware-based encryption type over the software-based encryption. Note that hackers can always access the memory of your computer and reset the attempt counter. Besides being more dependable when it comes to storing highly sensitive information, it does not require you to have any type of driver installation or software.

So what is the best Mac External Hard Drive for you?

In our opinion, the best External Hard Drive for Mac is The Iomega Mac Companion

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